Apr 15, 2007

afternoon tea in washington dc

afternoon tea is a national past time in England. For the Anglophiles living across the pond, its a charm to find a nice nook around the capitol where one can enjoy a cup with friends and family, just couple of weeks ago had tea with the in-laws at the peacock lounge in the Willard hotel, I have only good things to say for the ribbon sandwiches and the assortment of teas, not to say the ambiance was in any way less, for some one like me who loves not only the drink itself but the whole ritual surrounding it, its a gem of a place, on that note want to share this article by Ali Noller in Washington Post, this was published in 2003, but still is quite relevant. We haven't witnessed a tea renaissance in the Americas (yet).


Greg said...

I'm suffering from withdrawl.... more blog entries please! :-)

Faraz Yusufi said...

come down to dc for a barbecue on Sunday, you have more stories to tell since you are in a 'foreign' land :)