Apr 13, 2007

Honda diesel for US market

Last year when i was in the market for a car, I thought something with a diesel engine would be more earth friendly then any other car (even a hybrid), so i looked around and all I could find was a VW Jetta, but then although I was willing to go for a clean(er) fuel car, but I was not willing to do that at a price of technology/available gadgets, Jetta was miserably lagging behind in that department (a noisy diesel, very basic navigation system, no integrated bluetooth etc.), the only other option was to wait for the Japanese to come out with there diesel for the US markets, there was a rumor for Honda working on a V6 diesel for there odyssey/mdx lineup, but then that was to happen in 2009, so I ended up buying a Toyota Prius, I cannot say how happy I am with the decision, the PZEV really puts a smile on your face when you are stuck in traffic, its a buzz for your eco-friendly conscience. The way gas prices started dropping recently made me wonder whether plans for a US diesel will ever leave the boardroom discussions but now the price for a barrel of light sweet crude oil is again on the rise and that gives me hope that our Japanese brethren will live up to the rumors. (Haven't seen anything pointing to the diesel development in the 2007 New York Auto show.