Apr 11, 2007


Joost just came out with a new release of there client software (0.9.2 beta), judging by the channel lineup(they signed Viacom in February), application feature set and the technology under the hood (p2ptv) this may very well be what video.aol.com should have been in the first place.

for those of you not following the joost evolution (pronounced juiced), all bets are on for them to become the killer app for 2007, they are certainly generating a lot of buzz (viral marketing at its best), internet blogging community loves them, they have a great line up of original content providers and a great development team (Geir Magnusson, a household name amongst the open-source community recently left Intel for Joost, he has been at the forefront for the non-Sun Microsystem open-source Java platform initiative) spear headed by Niklas Zennstrøm and Janus Friis who have earlier delivered the likes of skype and kaaza.