Mar 18, 2007

weekend talkies

for us, Fridays use to be all about socio-political events happening in Washington DC, there is something happening here everyday, anybody who has anything to say, has to say it in DC.

lets try and name a few event genres in a single breath, here we go, events on the embassy row, Georgetown/GWU/GMU events, Book reviews at politics and prose, lectures at the Smithsonian, political show downs at bus boys and poets , live performances at Jammin Java, award ceremonies at the Kennedy center, and if you happen to be part of any NGO then fund raisers and silent auctions.

But i guess movie and a dinner is the least common denominator and can entertain the widest segment of any society, not many have an appetite for politics and even fewer would want to use the limited evening hours commuting all the way to DC and back, so thats what we all end up doing more.

Last movie we saw was 300, it was a must see for me, as a friend of mine who traces his origin back to Greece-(birth place of logic) gave me a background on the battle of Thermopylae and then after wiki-ing it up it was hard not to see, a story of bravery, valor and sacrifice (agreed the high definition- action-packed trailers also helped)

Recently had dinner with a few friends at the Afterwords cafe in Dupont circle, its actually a pretty good place to hangout, you are surrounded with books and so even those who may not be voracious readers end up finding a book or at least a cause that they can stand for (or against). plus the actual cafe is an open air/out door arrangement which gives the place very nice ambiance.