Mar 18, 2007

sunday still counts as a weekend

Saturday was spent getting the car serviced, and watching some of 'Naqoyqatsi'. I like watching documentaries ( I guess thanks to Michael Moore, now a days everybody likes watching them ), but this one didn't interest me at all, its an essay done in images, I switched to tv and watched a home improvement episode on HGTV.

I wish making a stone patio, putting hardwood floors and resurfacing kitchen cabinets was as easy as they make it seem like.

I guess Pakistanis (though not knowingly) celebrated St Pats day by turning green with envy on the Irish cricket win. Pakistan lost miserably to Ireland, that made a great St Pats day present from Pakistan to Ireland.

if you watch one movie this month make sure you watch 'The Namesake'. Though myself not very fond of fiction (you might have guessed that by looking at my book list) but it seems like these days you can't help but hear about Jhumpa Lahiri, she is quite an author as my literati friends tell me, but then Mira Nair is no ordinary director, though namesake might be her most significant work yet after Salaam Bombay. Yes its that good.