Mar 28, 2007

cell phone blogging

I think being able to publish a video or a picture on your blog instantaneously via cell phone is really cool, though websites that let you do that in a minimally invasive way are still scarce. and have been somewhat leading the charge in that arena, recently came across a relative new comer, there technology shows lots of promise, what remains to be seen is if they can build enough value in there offering that can challenge the current status quo.

Here is an idea for a product, how about a working relationship with ip camera manufacturers (for example Panasonic Wireless 802.11 b/g Network Camera (BL-C30A)) where instead of they letting you view the live feed on just the proprietary website, you make there feed avaliable on say mojungle. I think it would be the most streamlined way of sharing local events globally (or letting the grand parents back home keep an eye on the kids while you work on the next blog) imagine the endless possibilities :)


Greg said...

AArgh! I've got two companies that want to hire me and your single blog entry partially mentions both of their products. The company in SF wants me to work on something similar to youtube, and the company in Miami wants me to record video from their IP cameras. I haven't decided which company to work for, but the Miami one sounds good. The SF one will call me and tell me more now that I signed an NDA with them. If that wasn't enough of a hard decision to make, a recruiter in Toronto will call me tomorrow morning to discuss a job I found there. AAck!