Mar 24, 2007

greg has left the building

Last night Greg took us all out to Bucca di beppo, to celebrate quite a few milestones, he is a loan free guy, his biggest debt was his SL500 which he paid off, he is moving to miami, as he found a job down there, so now he will be living on the beach.

The photo caption is a little misleading, as it was no way just a supper, though buca is a franchise (I will explain in some latter post why that matters) but they have quite an interesting take on servings, all there servings are family size, plus the food tastes really good, so you willingly clean your plates (and make mommy happy), they have a very authentic feel, great ambiance and very knowledgable and friendly staff (btw it was our server's 8th year with Bucca, that's an impressive employee retention record).

Checkout an interesting piece on SL500


Greg said...

Don't forget to tell everyone that Buca diBeppo means "the basement of Joe"