Aug 24, 2007

wealth and poverty of a nation (part 3)

Eastern civilizations are more willing to comply and willing to make compromises with there surrounding probably because of over exposure to ultra strong leaders (as in emperors) and extremely hot weather (one can wear warm clothes to deal with harsh cold weather, but what can one do to deal with hot and humid weather) the same attitude is seen in there behavior towards following religion (absolute servitude, no questioning, no will to rebel) on the contrary the Europeans even a thousand years ago were seen as vulgar barbaric, ill mannered , loud and of course promiscuous by the eastern civilizations, which if you think about it might be a sign of there free spirit :)

This mind set is somewhat common amongst all humanity, Stanley Milgram in the 1960s proved through well documented obedience studies that human instinct is to not to question higher authority. I think this in turn reflects on the dual nature of democracy, if practiced amongst politically immature people it can yield undesirable results (point in case German Nazis party victory in the mid 20th century ) .Fareed Zakaria (editor Newsweek international) in his book future of freedom discusses why Democracy is not inherently good, I am of the opinion that there is no better political system then democracy given that there are strong institutions that breed great leaders, yes leaders are bred, they are sculpted there innate abilities are cultivated just like pedigree dogs or championships horses, you need a good set of genes to begin with but without the right environment, a dedicated teacher (who knows what he is doing) and the right opportunities there is no leader.