Jul 3, 2007


1986 is when I first came to know of the Transformers. I was visiting some family friends in Queens, New York and like all the other larger then life things that New York has to offer, I instantly associated them as being New Yorkers. Although, later on I came to realize they were from Cybertron but that didn't make me doubt even for a minute that had they been Earth natives they would most definitely be from New York.

I didn't like the way they killed Optimus Prime in the original animated movie, however the trailers make me think that Optimus Prime is back, giving proof to the saying 'Empires Rise and Fall, But Heroes Live Forever'.

I really like the theatrical trailers of Transformers, I just hope those aren't all the key moments of the movie, I don't wanna go to the theater just to see how a movie ends, I don't even mind if people tell me the ending, that doesn't spoil the movie for me, I enjoy the whole journey to the end, so what spoils the movie for me is when all the key moments have already been shown in the promotional trailers, my beef with the movie studios has been that now a days many of these sci-fi movies aren't based on a solid story all they have going for them is these glorious moments, these outrageously beautiful cinematic effects that are sprinkled (often sparingly) here and there, and since the only way the distributors can make any money is to literally get the customer's foot in the door, so more often they just give away all glorious moments in the 1 minute trailer which in turn takes the air out of the whole movie watching experience for me, if you have seen the trailers then you have pretty much seen any thing noteworthy in that movie.

I have a feeling this is not the case with Transformers, but then you never know, I don't think War of the Worlds was anywhere near what I had hoped for it to be or maybe, at least in my opinion, Steven Spielberg has become a victim of his own success, I have such great expectations from anything associated with him that no matter what the final product its never good enough.

Transformers has a legacy and an existing fan base (in-there-late 20s/early 30s which is a very lucrative market demographic), what remains to be seen is if Micheal Bay/Steven Spielberg will deliver what that fan base expects, they sure seem pretty confident about it, there are already talks of a sequel slated for a release in 2009, but then as they say in Hollywood You don't really choose a blockbuster, it's the blockbuster that chooses you.


Greg said...

Spoiler alert below (watch movie before reading this):
I saw Transformers last night without seeing ANY of the trailers and it was awesome. Wow, I was really impressed.

I don't think I heard a single swear-word either.

I just saw the trailer you posted and I think they showed too many special effects in there, but they showed them out-of-order so you couldn't get a feel for the story based on the trailer.

The trailer makes you think that humans started the Transformer war because it's nice and peaceful at the beginning, but the movie shows their war had started long beforehand.

Greg said...

It has been 5 days since I saw Transformers so I'm going to write a quick review. First, I didn't know much about them before the movie. I only saw small bits of the trailer for the movie. The strongest reason to pay the money to see it was because of Steven Speilberg. I'll probably see anything by him, no matter what the movie is about. He did The Color Purple which is my favourite movie and Schindler's List was excellent too.

Also, I haven't seen a movie in the theatre for 3 months and this looked like the perfect opportunity to get me back into one!

The opening scene showed a cube in space like The Borg in Star Trek. I guess that was the Transformers planet? I guess they made their planet? I was too interested in the effects to hear the story but I think I heard they had an argument over something and split up into two colonies. Somehow the cube landed on earth (I don't know why) and I guess there was a race between the two colonies to find the cube.

In the opening scene the cube was very large yet I know it has the ability to shrink and be light enough that a kid can run with it. If a reason was given for that, I don't care. I was more dazzled by scenes of fighting robots.

Yes, those scenes were great and long and loud. I don't know where they got their rockets from (I guess they have their own rocket factories inside them).

One thing that makes it obviously a Speilberg film: scenes with little kids. I remember a few scenes with very small kids which brought a few scenes of cuteness amongst the destruction. Speilberg gets along well with kids and most of his movies have scenes with small kids.

I guess I'm rambling at this point, so I'll just say 1) great effects, 2) who cares about the storyline, and 3) I hope there's a sequel. I don't care about the story because when I see kids playing with toys like Transformers, there's usually a war or fight involved and not much of a reason for it!